Highway Systems

Advanced Traveller Information Systems

Telenium's RCRS uses a web-based application, computerised telephone interactive voice response (IVR), data networking, email and fax technologies to collect, organize and disperse data. The integration of these technologies ensures Telenium's RCRS provides current and reliable information. Telenium employees have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to understand the requirements of the Canada's regional transportation organizations and the importance of providing crucial information to travelers in an effective and timely manner - their safety depends on it.

Existing and Proven

There are many advantages to using a system that has been proven effective in other jurisdictions. Telenium’s solution uses an established product as the foundation for delivery of its advanced Traveller Information Services. The system is based on an easy-to-use map input, designed expressly to capture changing road condition information, as well as precise and detailed construction-related information. Our clients include agencies responsible for the operation and management of transportation infrastructure.

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The Telenium web-based update system streamlines the operation and maintenance of the RCRS. Telenium updates the system in a timely fashion, resulting in the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Web-deployed software components reduce the time required for IT staff, as new releases are quickly and accurately implemented into the system.

Mobility is an integral part of the chosen mode of the anytime, anywhere communications paradigm. Telenium also provides a mobile application that enables users to enter conditions and restrictions to a segment, highway or area based on user supplied credentials.

Enhanced Interactive Voice Response

Telenium's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides seamless integration between it and the RCRS.

In July of 2006 the CRTC released a decision allocating the three digit telephone number "511" for use as a traveler and weather information service. Traveler information systems provide the public with up-to-date information on road and weather conditions, including weather alerts, congestion, incidents, and planned events such as construction. This information gives the traveler an opportunity to make informed decisions on how and when to travel

511 is expected to become the most recognizable face of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for the vast majority of the public.

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Telenium's IVR is driven by our automated reporting system, providing callers with real-time road condition information. Telenium shares this information with the 511 service, providing callers with automated travel information.


The systems that Telenium designs will help clients grow their delivery of an Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS). Telenium system easily expands to accommodate load, geographic and administrative scalability. Telenium has 17 years of experience in developing voice and Web technology solutions. This experience ensures a proven and expandable system, enabling customers to meet their goals.

Improve Quality and Streamline Information Flow

Timely reports are assured by automated monitoring of report schedules with multiple levels of management feedback, secure password-protected access by user to a pre-defined subset of the jurisdiction for updating purposes, standard user interface for consistency in quality and content of data reported to the public. Ease of updates allows for more frequent reports as conditions change. In addition to automated conditions feeds to the Weather Network, Telenium provides up-to-date weather conditions through integrated access to Environment Canada (EC) data, and links to five-day forecasts for the locations depicted on Provincial Road Conditions map online.

Telenium views the provision of highway condition reporting as a partnership in serving the public, providing a mix of public good and value added information that is critical to travelers, transportation system operator and information service providers. We take great pride in the services and solutions that we provide, and we work with our clients to ensure that our solutions continuously improve to meet their needs now and in the future. Every day, millions of Canadians depend on Telenium's services through one of our many partnerships.